Saturday, May 21, 2016

#CuriousInMoscow, Part 1

Hello Friends,

So after an evening flight, I arrive to Moscow at 22:30, and after an hour and a half I already was at the hotel, The Peking Hotel.
The Hotel Located 2 minutes walk from the Metro station Mayakovskaya, this station is one of the Most beautiful stations in Moscow.

The Hotel was very big and beautiful from outside and inside, the old soviet style remind me my childhood home.

The first morning I start with breakfast at Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago, I got a very good recommendation about this place and said, why not?
The restaurant has a unique design with white and brights furniture and red chairs.  
For main course I ate Benedict Eggs with Salmon and for the dessert Dumplings with cherries.

At 12:00 I have a tickets to the Kremlin, Armory Chamber and the Cathedral Square. 

Afternoon I spend by eating a scoop of ice cream at the GUM mall.

The dinner was at the Russkie Sezonny Restaurant, the restaurant have a great view and very cool atmosphere.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Instagram Uploads - Vol. 6

Hello Friend,

The Spring is already here, but unfortunately in my country even in the spring very very hot. 
My favorite weather is European weather, a little bit cold and chilly so you can go and have a nice walk.
In the meantime, see my last uploads from my @ireysher account and one Bloom photo I took in the park.  

1. This awesome Smiley Face Flex Turner was bought 2 years ago at the "Sur La Table" in San Francisco. 
2. My yellow M&M cold cup, also bought 2 years in Las Vegas.
3. Great Saturday with my amazing nephew. My shirt from Massimo Dutti.
4. morning meting, Double eyes. Shirt from Zara.
5. Our Rubber Duck collection. 
6. Outfit I wear to a Wedding. Pants from Massimo Dutti | Socks from COS | Shirt, Shoes and Suede Jacket from Zara.
7. Sweet Friday afternoon. 
8. Spring bloom.
9. My new Socks drawer. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Instagram Uploads - Vol. 5

Hello Friend,

It's been awhile since my last post, and here are some photos from my Instagram account @ireysher , Go follow.

1. As part of my job I travel in the country, this view was taken in the north, on a windy day.
2. Breakfast at Cafe Noir , you should try if visiting in Israel. Wearing Zara Shirt and Vest.
3. Meeting Outfit, Wearing Zara Trench Coat and Pant, Yohzi Yamamoto Glasses.
4. New Years 2016 Party.
5. My OlloClip for iPhone 6S Fish Eye Lens.
6. New Wardrobe by my Wife from Madrid.
7. Meeting Outfit, My New Coat from Zara.
8. Breakfast at La Repubblica Di Ronomotti 
9. It was a very cold morning, Wearing all from Zara.
10.  New Beard Care Kit.
11. The sun is out, it was a few hot days in the middle of February. 
12. Meeting Outfit on Sunny Day, Shirt from Uniqlo, Sneakers from Converse. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

#CuriousInBerlin, Part 4

Hello Friends,

Berlin is very diverse in terms of tourist sites, one day you can visit an very old Palace, and the other a very modern Museum or area that rebuild after the war.

The forth day we start by visiting the Jewish Museum, a very unique building that was built in the shape of a lightning. The museum displays some aspects of Judaism, how it all begin, long time before the Holocaust.

After that we took a bus to the great Berlin Wall, or at least what's left of it at the East side gallery.

It was a short day because at evening we go to an amazing place called Mission: Accepted. It is a quest room, that you need to solve in one hour.


The fifth day start with a sweet breakfast at the Cefe-Resraurant Wintergarten just 5 minutes walk from out hotel.

After that we were heading to the Alexanderplatz area to see the TV tour and to visit some Church and stroll the Nikolaiviertel area. 

The sixth day was an easy day, we start it with lunch because of the late hour we woke up , in a very nice and recommended place, Aufsturz . This place was good for lunch either for late night beer (we do it bout). 

Then we took the S-Bahn to the the Mall of Berlin for last chance shopping, but the greatest thing we do this day is the party in the most famous club in Berlin, The Berghain. And that was a great ending to our tour.