Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#CuriousInUSA - New York, part 3

Hello Friends, 

It was the morning of our anniversary  day, and the best way to start that day is at Magnolia Bakery. 
From the beginning, while I was planing this trip, visit in the bakery was inevitable.

After a great coffee,cheesecake with blueberries and an apple pie we go to the magnificent Central Park. 
This was precisely the period when the weather changes and the trees turn yellow.  
We rent a pair of bicycle and drive around the park, when our main purpose to see the statue of Alice In Wonderland. 

After two hours of pedal and waking we were toward the 5th Ave to do some shopping.  

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt from Massimo Dutti | Jeans and Sneakers from Pull&Bear

Since my wife is a big fashionista and addicted to sex and the city, we ate our anniversary dinner at the Buddakan restaurant, where Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw celebrate there engagement.

Monday, November 17, 2014

#CuriousInUSA - New York, part 2

Hello Friends, 

The next day was sunny and worm, not like the previous. But just in case, we took a coat, that fits me well with the outfit. 
We start it with a great cup of coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 

What I'm Wearing: 
Shirt from J.Crew | Jacket from Massimo Dutti

Then on a bus we got straight to the Times Square, and then the fun begins!!!
First we go to the Disney store, we adore this store. 
All the experience of the Times Square was unique and unforgettable by day and night. Then, we went on a walk on the Broadway street and enjoy the architecture of New York City.

We arranged to have lunch with a friend at Bocca di Bacco located in Chelsea.
The restaurant located in a very beautiful area, very quite and unique. 

After lunch he took us to see the landscape of Brooklyn across the river, it was unforgettable.
Then we back to Chelsea, and walk through this amazing neighborhood all the way to the 5 Av., and from there all the way to Rockefeller Canter. 
The evening we spend at the Rock Center Cafe and Night view of the Times Square. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#CuriousInUSA - New York, part 1

Hello Friends, 

First, one secret. Before NYC we also visit in Baltimore and spend two days in Anapolis and Washington. But that is for another time.
Our adventure in NY started on the wrong foot, because we stay in some friends apartment in Brooklyn, I don't say that Brooklyn is a bad place, but the first day was after a two and a half hour on train from Baltimore to Manhattan, and one hour in traffic to get to Brooklyn. So that day was burned. 
So we walk along the prospect park to the Brooklyn library and then found an awesome store for Halloween costumes.  

The next day was the worst day in all this trip, because first part of the day was rainy, so strong, that we can get nowhere. After noon we took the subway to the Nordstorm Race on Union Square.

While we are planned the trip, someone recommend us to go to a great party that place once a year, Gratitude*NYC Presents: AXIS MUNDI. 
For us it was an amazing experience, because we don't have that kind of party's in Israel.

The third day was the best one, we finally take our stuff and move to Manhattan, and no just, to the Upper West Side!!!
After a long ride, one and a half hour in the metro, we finally get to our hotel, the Belleclaire Hotel.
The hotel was amazing designed, a old house with the texture of an antique house.
After a quick acclimatization in the hotel, we go to stoll the city.

What I'm Wearing:
Trench Coat, Pants, Shirt, Bag and Scarf from Zara | Sneakers from Pull and Bear