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Massimo Dutti Fashion Show s/s 2013

Hello dear Friends, As I told you before that my wife is a stylist, not just, Zara Israel's stylist!!! So yesterday we invited to a fashion show S/S season of the flagship store Massimo Dutti in Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv. The display was very high level including light snacks and sparkling wine. Organizers used the new technology of music playback through headphones with wireless technology show. it was my first time photo in fashion show, so i'm sorry for the bad quality photos.

And that is what i wear to the Event: All by Zara 

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Hello Friends, As I told you yesterday, we had the last few days vacation and we took advantage of it to travel. On the second day of vacation we went with a couple friends, you have seen already in the previous post, to the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. In these days of spring the garden filled with colorful flowers and green areas. Garden areas are divided into countries, each region there is a typical vegetation in the area.

Lady of the Daisies

Hello dear Friends, How was your vocation (or maybe you still have one)?? This period in terms of perfect spring weather (at least in Israel), not too hot and not too cold. So it is an excellent time to take a walk. These few days we had had time to take a number of places and photography trip. The first free day, my wife and I visited Holon Design Museum where an exhibition of the founder of Gottex, Leah Gottlieb. The exhibition consisted of drawings and models of shaping swimwear collections over the years. Each collection has it own topic, like Jerusalem of gold, Topkapi, Nefertiti, Casablanca and many more...
Each collection is characterized by a unique appearance with wonderful patterns, colors and textures depending on the theme of her collection.

And what we wore for the event:

All by Zara, include the Bag.

T-Shirt from Pull & Bear.
All the rest from Zara, include the Bag.