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Winterland Dreams

Hello friends,
How is your holidays? Hope you all have a great time, relaxing and enjoying time with your families. Where I was born (USSR, now it's Moldova) we celebrate the new eve differently, it's always was a Christmas tree, and we celebrate it by having a great dinner with family and friends. The Jewish religion didn't recognize this date, 31/12, as something special, because we got a Jewish Calender and the new year is always falls in September.  So in order to preserve our old habits, we decorate the house with Christmas tree and drink champagne at midnight.  This year my wife and I decide to make efforts to visit as many sites as we can that have the holiday spirit, in my previous post you can see our visit in the christian quarter of Jerusalem old city, and this time I will tell you about Winterland dreams market in the old train station in Tel Aviv.
Last weekend, the owners of picked Winterland market with the best designers and importers in Israel of ho…

Holidays in The Air

Hello friends, 
December is the big holiday month all across the glob.  We the Jewish celebrating the Hanukkah by lighting up a Menorah for 8 day and eating Jewish donuts called 'Sufgania'.

The Christians celebrating the Christmas by decorating the house with Christmas tree and Santa Claus. 
So this Friday my wife and I travel to the Christian quarter in the old city of Jerusalem. The restaurants in the quarter  decorate with Christmas trees, special shops offer decoration from small Santa, snowman and lots of decoration.  At the main street of the quarter there is a market, the small pavilions sale everything from toys, shoes, Mediterranean style close, spices, fish and sweets.  When we stroll throw the pavilions my wife mention that she feel like Carrie Bradshaw in the second movie of sex and the city when she go to the 'suk'. Especially when the background you hear the muezzin.