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Massimo Dutti Experience

Hello Friend,
Well after you see all the places and things that we done in our trip in Barcelona, I want to tell you about my experience in Massimo Dutti store.  In my county the clothes of this brand are much higher then in Spain, so if I buy something it probably will be in sale period.  This time I have an opportunity to by some clothes without getting pissed off. My wife take me to one of the store and spoils me with a privet styling meeting, of course with the help of the dedicated employees of the store.  I had the best time ever. 

Ciutadella Park

Hello Friends,
The last day was full of attractions, first we start with packing (not fun), then without doubts we go to Massimo Dutti to buy another piece to my wardrobe.  Then you take a walk to the Rambla and just before we enter to La Bouqarie market once again, we eat in McDonalds right on the Rambla street. It was fun!!! Then we buy some goodies, such as fruits, cherry, raspberries and donuts in dankin' donut and start to walk to the most amazing park in Barcelona, Ciutadella. We took a blanket and spend the last hour relaxing on the grass. It was the best way to finish that trip.

What we Wearing:

Shirt from Massimo Dutti | Jeans from Pull & Bear | Sneakers from Adidas | Backpack from Zara | Sunglasses from Bottega Veneta

All from Zara | Sneakers from Adidas

Just a Walk in the City

Hello Friend,
Well after a long celebrating night, we wake up late and decide to visit the Diagonal Mar Commercial Center that was located near our hotel. After that we just take the metro to Passeig de Gràcia and have a great walk in the city.

On the way we stop to get our daily dose of sugar at Mauri 1929

What we Wearing:

La Boqueria

Hello Friends, 
The second morning we decide to start at the old quarter of Barcelona, Barri Gòtic. So after a quick coffee break (that was the worst that I ever try! apparently they are only good at preparing sangria), we start a magical walk at the small streets of the quarter. The most amazing in this quarter is that every street has it owe unique stores, style and environment. First stop was at an amazing bakery with all kind of delicate, I chose to try the one with mango and chocolate cream. Then out of nowhere right near the bakery there was an magnificent candle shop. That shop we visit in 2009 for the first time, and on 2012 we forget where it's located and can find it. Imagine what joy it was when we found the shop again. The old quarter contiguous to the colorful Rambla street and on one of its alley situated the La Boqueria market. In this market you can find all kind off food, seafood, fruits, spices, drinks, pastry and vegetables. We specially enjoy from the cherry, raspbe…

Pink on the Diagonal

Hello Friends,
After a good sleep we ready to take out and explore Barcelona, as I told you it's not our first time so we didn't go the the touristic places, just came to relax and enjoy from the beauty of the city. One of our favorite place in Barcelona is Park Guell so why not to visit it once again. 
Unfortunately, the entrance become only with ticket and we didn't buy it online before, and to stand and wait at the place look like waist of time, so we took the metro to the diagonal station and decide to walk all through to the Gloris commercial center. The diagonal street is amazing, all a long the boulevard there are trees and benches, and the historical Barcelona houses. A long the way we see the Sagrada Familia, and it seems that is nothing change there from the first time we been there in 2009. The main purpose that we come to Gloris center was the Disney store, we just love it!!! Off course it was not our only store, we also been in Zara and Massimo Dutti.  For lunch we …