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#CuriousInBerlin, Part 4

Hello Friends,
Berlin is very diverse in terms of tourist sites, one day you can visit an very old Palace, and the other a very modern Museum or area that rebuild after the war.
The forth day we start by visiting the Jewish Museum, a very unique building that was built in the shape of a lightning. The museum displays some aspects of Judaism, how it all begin, long time before the Holocaust.
After that we took a bus to the great Berlin Wall, or at least what's left of it at the East side gallery.
It was a short day because at evening we go to an amazing place called Mission: Accepted. It is a quest room, that you need to solve in one hour.

The fifth day start with a sweet breakfast at the Cefe-Resraurant Wintergarten just 5 minutes walk from out hotel.
After that we were heading to the Alexanderplatz area to see the TV tour and to visit some Church and stroll the Nikolaiviertel area. 

The sixth day was an easy day, we start it with lunch because of the late hour we woke up , in a very nic…

#CuriousInBerlin, Part 3

Hello Friends,
The third day in Berlin was my favorite and most attractive. After a quick coffee break in Starbucks we took a train to Potsdam. Suburbs of Berlin, just 40 minutes by train. 
Following the sings we found a local Bike rental shop, the owner give us map with common round trip in Potsdam and we go on our trip.

Our main purpose was to ride to the Sanssouci Palace and visit the gardens, but on the way we see the city of Potsdam and her Brandenburger Gate.

At evening we decide to try the locale bars of Berlin, so we manage to visit 2 of them, the first was very cool and great designed call GreenDoor, and the second was dark and mysterious called TAUSEND.



#CuriousInBerlin, Part 2

Hello Friends,
The second day we start with tasty breakfast, and after that we were heading to the Reichstag Building, unfortunately we didn't know that we must buy tickets ahead. So no visit for as.

At the Brandenburg Gate we look for something special to do, the options was to take bike tour or a guided tour. 

At the Pariser Platz in front of the gate, privet guide offered free tour, and you only need to pay tip as much as you though it appropriate.  It was very nice, our guide was a young guy from England that came to Berlin 18 mounts earlier, fell in love with the city and decide to stay.

One of the stops in the guided tour was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe,

In the middle of the tour the it started raining, but it didn't stop as, only the camera :) 
So after we walk by the Checkpoint Charlie we go to our final stop the Gendarmenmarkt, it's a square the have two Big cathedrals the Deutscher Dom and the Franz. Friedrichstadkirche.

#CuriousInBerlin, Part 1

Hello Friends,
This year we decide for our annual trip, The City of Berlin. We heard a lot about Berlin nightlife, her traditional germane food, and of course the famous Berlin Wall. We traveled with our good friends, and that what made this trip even better. We choose a great Hotel, NH Berlin Kurf├╝rstendmam, 
located in a very nice, clean and quite area. 5 minutes walk from the S and U-Bahn stations and the famous Shopping street Kurf├╝rstendmam.
The first half day was dedicated to the Charlottenburg Palace and his beautiful gardens.

The second half of the day we spend at the Hackescher Market area, took a traditional German lunch and start to explore the area. Our first stop was the New Synagogue.