#CuriousInMoscow, Part 3

Hello Friend,

Third day in Moscow, and it was the best one, It Was My Birthday!!!

I start the day in Gorky Park and it's one of the beautiful parks in Moscow, he was opened in 1928.

The next stop of the day was Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and for that I walk from the park along riverbanks, through the statue of Peter the I, and the view from there was spectacular.

Unfortunately it was impossible to make photos inside the Cathedral, but believe me, it was worth the walk.
The original church, built during the 19th century, and was destroyed in 1931 on the order of the Soviet Leader, Joseph StalinThe current church was rebuilt on the site during 1995-2000.

For having lunch I got a great recommendation about a restaurant that is 5 minutes walk from the Cathedral, Voronezh. They got a great Hamburgers and a cool atmosphere. 

The late afternoon was dedicate to shopping, so I was going to the Европейский Торгово-Развлекательный Центр . That huge mall have all kind of brands for clothes, shoes and accessories. 

After that, without spending any time we went straight to the restaurant that we booked day before.
The restaurant located at the Moscow Hermitage Garden, and called Veranda 32.05 . It was one of the best experiences in Moscow, the garden was very beautiful at night, and the restaurant was decorated with a lot of small lights. The food was very tasty and fresh and the cocktails was strong and look amazing. Our waitress was kind and pleasant, and even surprise us with a birthday candle on the desert.



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